Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Instant Rava dosa recipe saved me this morning

Yes, so today,
7 AM wake up
7.30 AM wake up son
7:31 till 8:00 AM while getting breakfast and all other packing etc
Will you have this for lunch.
Okay, this then.
Okay this?
Alright, how about this ?
8:01 AM Panic!

My son kept on saying no to every option of lunch I offered for his lunch box. I was very much done and had given up on coming with anything he would finish. Another day for him to just eat half and bring back rest.

Then I gave a try searching for an instant rava dosa recipes. I literally had 15-20 mins to get everything done and leave for office. I devoted 2-3 minutes browsing for the recipes. And I stumbled across this easiest, tastiest and TRUST ME very nicely instructed recipe.

I could not find the name though. The blog is above one. Also as I had absolutely no time this morning and got these dosas done just in the nick of the time. Also my son cleaned up the lunchbox so no leftover too :)
So, I could not take my own dosa photographs but they turned out pretty much like these snaps.

It's not my picture, just borrowed from the above website courtesy and copyright both -

She has given very good details , videos of actual process of putting the dosa on the griddle, please visit.

I made a slight variation for

- Having that super mom time race
- A little taste for sour
- Slight thickness

So here are my used ingredients along with variation and a smaller quantity. I used the same proportion though as she mentioned. Rava/Suji : Rice flour : maida as 1:1:0.5.

4 spoons Rava (regular stainless spoons which about equals 1 and half tsp)
4 spoons Rice flour
2 spoons maida
1 spoon Dahi/yogurt (I used 0% fat, you can use any)
3-4 drops of lemon
1 cup water (A little over might be needed too)
A few curry leaves crushed and
A few coriander leaves cut.

I was in a hurry so did not follow the instructions of slowly adding water and then mix, but I had small quantity so when I beat it all together with very small amount of water first, made a paste and then added more water directly and beat again, it worked out.

So if you are in hurry you can live with this faster mixing. Will try sometime with more quantities as well.

And once mixed up, I used two griddles. The gravy really thickens fast so , sooner you make dosas out of it the better. Even with this less quantity I was able to make medium sized 5 dosas. Alternate in 2-3 turns I was done.

Awesome or what! The feeling of your kiddo has wiped off his lunch box and boasting about it is just great. He tried controlling smiling and slowly brought the lunch box to me and said , check for yourself mamma without shaking the box if I finished it all.

And he did. He didn't show this much appreciation for the traditional dosas too ever.

So , That recipe blog above just made my morning and my evening.

Now off to another super mom race. Dinner!

See you again to share another experience.