Monday, November 24, 2014

Buckets of snow , and now a little rain. Still baby it's cold outside.

While all over the state which are used to snow, this year it's been a little more snow that what everyone is used to , I was pleasantly surprised since yesterday night to find the ran droplets pattering down the window panes.

I had to stay in today as my son is not well , the silver lining is I can watch the rain. At work , I have walls around me and absolutely no clue what weather holds outside except when I enter and I leave. It's a welcome change to watch out of the glass windows and NOT looking at snow :)

Now it's not that I hate snow. I mean I don't love it so it doesn't mean I hate it. I did hate the black ice when my car got totaled on account of skidding over it. Like a rotating cup on a fair ride, it circled and boom hit somewhere which fortunately stopped the ride.  I just don't like to be in it , stuck , driving on it , that I hate. Otherwise simply gazing upon the white glittery snow from the comfort of home , well now that I like too much. If only I never have to go out in it, till spring.

If only. Sigh.

Till then , I will enjoy the chancy rain droplets when they come by and when they don't and snow visits, I will try everything in my power to just stay in closed walls :-D

Why? Cause baby it's cold outside!
Yeah, my snow favorite song.