Monday, October 20, 2014

Dragon Love Tacos - this was Adam Rubin week

When my to read list included 'Dragon Love Tacos', and I mentioned it, my son went, "Oh I love that book, when are you getting it mama?" I was curious and googled the author and ended up with some more interesting titles. I decided to get most of those in the library to begin with. Those Darn Squirrels , the whole series of it , those are next !

And was it a fun party!

We definitely started with 'Dragon Love Tacos'. The wonderful starting line of

"Hey kid, do you know Dragons love tacos?"

was so catchy. And the idea of 'dragons can't stand spicy salsa! It makes dragons fire breathing. And what not , all disasters'. Such funny irony. This was a different narration style I have read in a picture book so far and instantly liked it.
dragons love tacos illustrations
Dragons love parties. Why do they love parties?

And then comes many funny illustrations of them liking pool parties, costume parties, dancing and singing parties, even the small charade parties!

Of course, what Dragons love more than the tacos and party .. is taco party of course! The story was so nicely built till this point that I didn't even remember the book was about taco party yet. Isn't that cool? The boy who the story was being told all this to, tries really hard to get the party going.


A great read and at the end it was a great gesture of dragons helping the boy out to rebuild his house. Bound to be a great book to keep handy for a bedtime. (My son is reciting almost the whole book as I am typing this aloud. I am not objecting as for now that's helping me remember a few lines :) )

Here is a very nice review by childrensbookguide.

Happy reading!