Saturday, September 20, 2014

Made a promise to yourself ? How long it took you to act on it?

It took me a long time. Really really a long time (not saying how long :) . 

Every time I hit a link with a 'B' logo of blogging, after I searched for a recipe or musical instrument reviews or even the last time I had to search 'how to create a blog', I thought (later started vowing as much) that I will also write a blog some day. Just as fun. Just cause I would like to type things in instead of using a lot of voice.
But of course as evident it was not until today. That voice of procrastination , kept speaking to me 'Ehh , big deal, what's in it anyway','someday', 'aah I could have written something about this, some other day' and so on and so on. 

Am I the only one ? Anyone who is out there, ever started blogging the minute you thought you were going to? Would love to hear about any kind of experience sharing on that.

When I was a little girl , I was eager to grow up so I could do many things , I could not do as a child. Just as I imagine must be for every child. But I discovered even if I am a grown woman, I still could not do a lot of things on my to do list.
I still don't have time for a lot of things in life. I am not talking about routine things such as grocery shopping or eating ice cream with family. Routine things you do with your family, at times friends, relatives, colleagues. Those are of course important. But I am talking about things you just think of doing for yourself. Silently thinking most of the times. And at the same time we also tell ourselves, we don't have enough time for it now, maybe someday.

Still you keep on making promises about those. Doing things that of course matters to you. If not in conscious day to day thoughts, in your subconscious thoughts, you have made many decisions. About starting those swim lessons, about taking that language course, about reading that specific book and so much more. 

How long it takes for every one of us to finally deliver on that promise to yourself? A day , a month, a year? Or more even. But do you stop making these small wishes come promises to yourself , because of the delay?

I am sure for many, regardless of how long it took you last time, to deliver on a promise, you would still make another. Or make a small wishlist and so on. And that's how it should be. That's the spirit of being human, being with hope for the self. Here's to the very very human nature of the process - thinking of yourself (JUST yourself), making a decision, making a promise , procrastinating and still making it one fine day! 

Wish the very best to all of you who have decided to do something for themselves , no matter how small or a big decision it is for you.  No matter how long it's going to take you to take the first step on that decision. But you will make it happen one of these days. Share if you can , just to keep the inspiration going.

Here is another wish I made for myself, going to read lots of other blogs (about blog sites too) which I always thought of , but never got enough time! Always wanted to check out Big B's blog. Good luck to me !